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Specialist IT support within the broadcast radio industry

Our experience in providing IT support within the broadcast radio industry is unmatched


"Having Westbrook Communications on board as our IT support partner is invaluable.  We chose them because they understand the specialist nature of broadcast radio environments which gives us a service more suited to our specific needs.  Their input makes life much easier for us and it means that we can get on with the job of running our stations".  Simon Hill, UKRD Group


We are the only company in the UK who have the expertise and knowledge to fully support the unique systems and processes found within a broadcast radio environment.  We have been providing IT support to the radio broadcast industry for 15 years.  Our experience means that we can offer a service to our clients which is far better suited to their needs than a generic IT support contract.


We understand the critical nature of this environment.  The directors of Wesbrook Communciations have experience on the other side of the IT support services for the broadcast radio industrydesk as presenters, so we know the importance of keeping you on air and your productivity at full levels.  And we have the knowledge and technical expertise to support the bespoke broadcast systems such as RCS Master Control, Burli, Myriad and Scoop.  We currently provide a full IT support service to 19 radio stations across the UK.


Our service is tailored to your requirements and there are options including guaranteed 24/7 support and onsite support.


What's included in our IT support for broadcast radio?



- Initial site visit to get to know your systems and install remote access software
- Support for bespoke systems including RCS Master Control, Burli, Myriad and Scoop
- Support and administration for all generic office based systems
- Scheduled, regular, remote maintenance on all systems
- Ticket system so that all users have full visibility of actions taken
- Guarantee to respond within one hour of your call
- Options of 24/7 and onsite support.  Onsite hours can be accrued over the year
- Fixed price, all inclusive
- The liaising with 3rd party organisations
- Full helpdesk services


To discover more about our IT support service for broadcast radio, or to arrange a meeting with a consultant to discuss your requirements, please all us on 0845 003 9090, or e-mail info@westbrookuk.com.


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