it services

IT services from Westbrook Communications means…

  • Expert consultancy on the core components of your organisation’s infrastructure – day-to-day applications, hosting, remote backup and disaster recovery, and security
  • A flexible approach to deploying and managing your IT, enabling your in-house staff to focus on long-term strategy
  • Transparent and upfront costs, with no hidden surprises

Remote backup

How can you recover your data and applications in the event of a disaster? From fire or flood to hardware failure, human error to malicious cybercrime, a range of scenarios can bring your IT to a halt, with severe implications for revenue and reputation. A remote backup solution from Westbrook Communications ensures that your vital information and applications are regularly replicated and stored remotely, ready to be restored via the cloud if required.


Antivirus is a vital component in any organisation’s cybersecurity arsenal, ensuring a proactive approach to identifying and filtering out malware and ransomware before it enters your infrastructure. We supply a comprehensive antivirus solution, which we actively monitor for instant alerts as to any potential infections of your environment.


The Office productivity suite is used by almost every organisation, and Office365 is the most flexible, agile and cost-transparent way of deploying it. We can integrate Office365 across your organisation, provide training on how to use every component within it, and manage it on an ongoing basis as new users and hardware join your business.